A patented radiowave technology originally developed by a U.S. Department of Energy research facility, Pacific Northwest National Labs (PNNL), as a security scanning technology. Intellifit was founded in 2000 when Albert Charpentier and a group of investors purchased proprietary software that converted personal body measurements into custom-made patterns. Their patterns and specs helped improve manufacturers' sizing problems. In 2002, Charpentier and Ed Gribbin began the Intellifit System, which combined their software with a license for PNNL's patented radiowave-based bodyscanning technology. Intellifit received the prestigious R&D 100 Editor's Choice Award as the "most compelling new technology of 2004." In 2005, it unveiled its "search engine for clothing" to help consumers find clothes that fit and it rolled out bodyscanning units in shopping malls around the United States.
   See also Bodymetrics; Cyberware; TC2.

Historical Dictionary of the Fashion Industry. .

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